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Elephant Tap Prototyping 2015-2016

During the second year of UniWASH, the plastic tap (version 3) proved to be unsuitable for field testing because wrong type of plastic was used. Ugandan SME partners were requested to provide technical feedback on the tap. Biolan offered to develop and manufacture a tap prototype version 4, and six working prototype units were tested in the field.

The goal for the Academic Year 2015-16 was to test and evaluate the new version 4 of the Elephant Tap. During the year, the taps were tested in two separate schools, paying special attention to the technical qualities as well as the user perspective. The purpose of the testing was also to evaluate whether the Elephant Tap could bring added value to handwashing practices in schools.

The testing and evaluation was conducted on 1) technical 2) design 3) public health and 4) social aspects. During the year, distinct student teams worked on different aspects of the tap. They collaborated together and in the end combined their findings into one complete report analysing the suitability of the Elephant Tap for school environment.

The report can be found here. (link)


The prototype version 4 was generally more suitable for users than the earlier versions were. Technical sustainability of the tap and possibiities for reparation were considered important factors for further development. Also, improving the usability of the tap was found crucial, especially considering the capacity gaps related to handwashing practices in general. The team recommended special attention to be paid on altering the pothook design, which would not necessarily require major changes in the current prototype of the Elephant Tap. The team also recommended a focus on the attachment mechanism of the tap. The current design ran the risk of not being properly attached to the barrels available in the local market due to its robust design.



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