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Elephant Tap Prototyping 2014-2015

During UniWASH project, one of the student projects was to continue the prototyping of the Elephant Tap. There were actually two parallel projects: one student continued to develop the aluminum tap (version 2) within UniWASH, and another student tested a plastic tap (version 3) independently outside the UniWASH framework.

Student group reflected on the version 1 of the tap in order to improve the technical aspects for version 2. During field research, the students identified soap as a critical part of any handwashing station, so a soap facility was added to the prototype handwashing station.


The outcome was a working prototype version 2 of the Elephant Tap with an added soap facility. The latter was a tapered disk plate which had the ability to minimise the leakages, and a developed spring system. The material remained as cast aluminum and no changes were made to the general design of the original version from 2011-12. The related benefits of this version remained weak. A crucial factor was the choice of material: aluminum. It had already been found unsuitable for the tap. The soap facility did not work as such either.



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