UNICEF has been working with schools and teachers for decades. We provide you with the updated material and tools to teach about the rights of the child and sustainable development. Our materials are harmonized with the Finnish national curriculum.

Whether you’re organising an activity for the whole school or searching for interesting exercises for teaching your own subject, UNICEF can provide you with quality material. By organising a UNICEF Walk or a One Day’s Employment event, you are contributing to improving the school life of thousands of children globally.

UNICEF also works to enhance a child-rights based environment in Finnish schools.

Read more about our work and choose how you wish to bring about global and human rights education into your own work!


Participate in the UNICEF Walk

The UNICEF Walk has been contributing to raising global awareness in Finnish schools for 20 years. By participating in the UNICEF Walk, students raise funds to improve the school life of their peers around the world. You can organise the UNICEF Walk any time during the school year – UNICEF will provide the free material.

One Day's Employment

Participate in One Day's Employment

Through participation in the One Day’s Employment event, students both gain valuable work experience and raise money for UNICEF’s work. You can organise the event any time during the school year.

Global education

Ask for a school ambassador

Our professional school ambassadors give lectures and conduct workshops on the rights of the child, sustainable development and UNICEF’s work around the globe. A lecture by our ambassador is an excellent addition to your UNICEF event. The lectures and workshops are always free of charge. You can request a school ambassador through our customer service at: information@unicef.fi.

Teaching materials

Use our quality teaching materials

On our website, you will find videos, teacher’s manuals, and other useful materials. We have the materials in Finnish, Swedish and English. Our materials help to approach for example the issues of child rights, sustainable development, and global education.

Straight-Ten Certificate

Hand out the Straight-Ten Certificate

Straight-Ten Certificate reminds the students of their immeasurable value: it summarises the inalienable rights of the child in a fun way. For example, human dignity, the importance of taking into account children’s opinion, well-being, security and the right to learn are some of the issues included in the Certificate. You can hand out the Certificate with the school report card for example at the end of the school year. Our customer service at information@unicef.fi will assist you in printing out the Certificate.

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Children's rights in everyday life

Get to know our advocacy work

UNICEF Finland promotes the human rights-based approach (HRBA) to strengthen child rights perspective in Finnish education system and Finnish development cooperation. Our current key advocacy goals are to enhance a child-rights based school culture through our Child-Friendly City Initiative and safeguard the implementation of child rights within different schemes and networks.